2018 Holiday Store
2018 Holiday Store
Posted on 12/11/2018
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Team One Science
Team One Science
Posted on 12/06/2018
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Kennett Sports & Spirit Wear
Posted on 11/30/2018
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Traffic Flow Diagram
Updated Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures at KMS
Posted on 11/23/2018
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Red Parka Chalenge
2018-2019 Winter Sports
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KHS ICAC Presentation
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National School Bus Safety Week
Posted on 10/22/2018
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Liv Company
Team 1 Math Starts "The Company Project"
What are the skills employees need in the 21st century?  They are the 4 C's - Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and Critical Thinking.  In an effort to practice using these skills, Team 1 Math classes are being turned into "companies" in a healthy competition.  Mrs. Livingston will be "hiring" one 7th grade company and one 8th grade company at the end of December based on the daily performances of each company on various tasks. Each day, Mrs. Liv. will award points based on how each company collaborates, communicates, shows creativity, and uses critical thinking.  Each company needs to make all decisions without the help of Mrs. Liv. in an effort to foster independence and self-reliance.  The tasks are sometimes math related and sometimes not...here's a little taste of some of the initial tasks:
1. Write the name of the everyone in the class in the shape shown. 
2. Perform a dance (as a company) in sync for 20 seconds of a song.
3. Design a LOGO for your company.
4. Get the signature of everyone in the class in alphabetical order in a vertical list.
5. Stack blocks so you can build a tower that is at least 1/2 meter high and can survive an earthquake.
6.  Fill an imaginary basket for Mrs. Liv.  What would you put in it, and why?  (It's all about customer service after all!)
After the first couple of days, I can see this is going to be a very tight race.  The "employees" of all "companies" are motivated to work together to set and meet the goals of the daily tasks, and in doing so are practicing those important skills for their futures!  

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